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Wohnwerkstatt, Raumgestaltung, Inneneinrichtung, Interiordesign, Wohnberatung_ Caroline St

Natürlich gestalteter Wohnraum

In Raumgestaltung und Einrichtung sind natürliche Wohnkonzepte unsere Leidenschaft. Mit nachhaltigen Materialien, hochwertigem Handwerk und kreativen Ideen schaffen wir Einzigartiges.

Die Wohnwerkstatt

Interiordesign, Inneinrichtung und Einrichtungsberatung aus Chur.

Die Gestaltung von Räumen ist unser Beruf

Materials are important to show off the look of your interior.

What could be nicer than surrounding yourself with natural textures to breathe freely?

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_ Caroline Staeger 2021 -Rebekka Schmid

Rebecca Schmid

Managing Director and Stylist.

At the IBW I attended 1 semester  Interiordesign. Numerous courses at the Kunstgewerbeschule have had a profound impact on me. I love textures and the interaction of materials among themselves.

My passion for creating space has accompanied me my whole life.

I have gained a lot of experience in private projects, bathroom design and construction work and thus developed the desire to help customers from my to benefit from expertise.

Now I have been able to implement many projects and I am happy to be creative every day.


Cattia Geerlings

 She learned interior design at the IBW and first gained experience from countless realized projects of her own, until she fulfilled customer requests. True to the motto: "Whatever I can think of, I can also implement!"

Through her commitment to nature and the environment, she draws on a wealth of experience when it comes to biological construction.

This makes her an expert in natural materials, biological construction and natural paints.


Her furniture and design ideas are unique, cool and functional.


Slight change

  • introductory talk

  • Inspection of the current situation digitally or live

  • Suggestions for rearranging furniture in the floor plan to give you a better sense of space.

  • Product images with links for your new purchases so that you save time and know exactly where to get what.          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_      

from 490.-
per room

full change

  • introductory talk

  • Inspection of the current situation digitally or live

  • Finding style with mood boards. So you get a feeling of the result that awaits you.

  • Make and coordinate purchases and orders so you can do what you love to do.

  • Receive and place furniture so that you save your energy   and have more time for yourself. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_      

from 1500.-
per room

Furnishing advice

Fancy a little paradise at home, put your feet up and enjoy?

You want or are planning to change something in your living situation, but you don't feel like browsing the internet or in shops for hours.

Then make an appointment

with us.

Want tons of inspiration? Or would you like some drawings to make the idea easier?

Or if you do, get things started and carried out right away? 

We are at your home to make you feel good.

Book a "slight change" or a "full change" according to your needs. We support you to save time, money and nerves.

We will help you create a distinctive space




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